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Our services


strategy & Consulting

Do you need help strategizing on how to start your nonprofit? Maybe your organization is already established and needs help getting on track to maximize the potential for growth. We can help! From creating mission and vision statements to budgets, programming, partnerships, communications and donor development, you don’t want to do this alone. The goal is to have long-term vision with short-term goals. Let us create your strategic plan. Your nonprofit efforts should be sustainable in order to leave a legacy far beyond your lifetime. 

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administration & management

Whether your philanthropic journey just started or you are simply looking to define your charitable goals, details matter. We will provide a personal relationship manager to guide you every step of the way. From donor communications, creative design and branding to bookkeeping and ensuring your board of directors operates with maximum effectiveness, we can handle it all. Let us manage the details so that you can stay focused on the bigger picture.

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Making sure your programs are leaving an impact by changing lives and meeting your mission is the heart of your foundation. We can handle  everything from creating to executing programs. We make sure these programs have measurable outputs that meet a need and are tailored to your passion for giving back. Whether you want us to lead the effort and interact with community partners or work behind the scenes, we know how to blend seamlessly with your team. Our goal is to ensure you have solid programing that impacts vulnerable communities. Let us work on your behalf to create results that you are proud to share with your donors.

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project-based services

Every client has different needs. If your foundation has particular needs in the areas described below, we can provide services on a project based fee. 

Strategic Planning

As the saying goes, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” We work with your team to understand the inner-workings of your foundation, uncover the gaps that need to be filled, and add our nonprofit expertise to create a plan that will carry your foundation to the next level.

event consulting

Whether you are looking to plan a small private event or a large charity golf tournament, our team of experienced nonprofit professionals is here to guide you along the way.  We provide nonprofit expertise in event planning, fundraising, sponsorship management, donor relations, media, talent, and event budgeting.

Website creation

First impressions are everything! What does your digital first impression say about your foundation? We will work with your team to create a brand new website or re-skin and revise your existing website. This important branding and marketing tool will tell the story of your foundation and capture the attention of donors.

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