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Our team

With decades of experience in nonprofit management and sports marketing, our team is built from the top down with people driven by a heart for social change, but most importantly integrity.


We invest in relationships and work passionately to earn the trust of each client. Our team collaborates with diverse skill sets, ideas, and talents - all working for the good of others.

michelle tesori

Chief Passion Officer

True leadership is only possible if we are impeccable with our word. We don't measure success by wealth or worldly things but by things that cannot be bought: faith, honesty, character, loyalty, and above all else, unquestionable integrity.


Sade Malloy

Manager of Programs and Storytelling

Service to other leads to greatness and there’s no better way to make a positive impact than by serving your community and supporting those in need. Even a small act of kindness can change the world.


toni huffman

creative director

Effective design leverages ample creativity and an engaging message to showcase your passion and vision, working to move hearts, propel your mission and produce change.



Chief Executive Officer

Our goal every day is to deliver a superior experience to our clients through our fundamental values of Passion, Talent, and Integrity.  Our success is measured by the fulfillment of our client’s philanthropic vision and the impact their organizations have on our world.

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